“Where are you” feat. Kimani

Where Are You is a song about wondering where people are when you need them the most. I was going through a rough patch in life and wanted to make something moody but also triumphant feeling. It started as an experimental beat loop, and when I added Kimani's vocals, I knew it had potential to become a full song. This track blends melancholy synths and vocals, along with powerful drums and bass.


“Pretend” feat. Kimani

Pretend is a song about going back and pretending about a happier time- maybe before a break up or set back in life. The track started off as instrumental based electronic song, and turned into a lyrical and sonic experience. This song features the smooth R&B voice of Kimani accompanied by chilling ambiance, lush synths, and heart pounding drums/bass.


Shinrai EP

In August of 2018, I presented my first project of electronic music to the world- Shinrai EP. As a fan of anime such as Samurai Champloo, the project is an ode to Japanese culture, soulful genres (hiphop, funk, jazz), and electronic music.


Listen to “Night Hawk” Mix Series!

Night Hawk is a mix series that embraces the rush of those creative moments you have at night and you just don’t want to stop. Enjoy listening to the series on SoundCloud.